About SHM.CA

What we do …

Starting out as a “side hustle” for a young college grad who was ready to take on the world, SHM.CA was initially a testing and proving grounds for various ideas and technologies that often end up integrated in the day-to-day operations of the internet company where Sean was employed in the tech support department.

From there, Sean branched out into database development and training, partnering with DocPC to leverage the creative and design skills of DocPC with Sean’s problem skills and creative coding skills. Often, the clients would come to us and say “We sold this amazing concept to our client, can you actually build it for us?” Let’s just say we always came through and delivered on time, even though we occassionally had to burn a few barrels of midnight oil to make it happen.

As the business and technology needs grew, the partnership was extended eventually getting into the world of web hosting.

Why we do it …

SHM.CA was started to answer the question of “how can it be done?”.  Over time, it sometimes became “can it be done?”.  Along the way it became obvious that we really just enjoyed getting it done and the basking in the satisfaction that comes with knowing that we did exactly what we said we were going to do (and sometimes even managing to go above and beyond and delivering a few unexpected bonuses too).

How we do it …

First, we sit down with the client to determine what they want.  Then we look at what they need. The wants and needs of the client are then compared to our ability to deliver and support.

Once we determine the full scope of the project, it’s time to get working.  Deliverables, deadlines, and budgets are extermely important to us, but so is honesty, integrity, and our work ethic.  We’re not just building a project for you, we are building a relationship with you.  If you’re not happy, neither a we.

The relationship doesn’t end when the final phase goes live.  Ongoing support and assistance are always provided.